Our Choices and the True Power of Now

I woke this morning feeling out of sorts; a consequence of how I had lived the day before. I had made some choices in how I had used my free time and in what I had chosen to eat that were not truly loving for me, and now I was feeling those choices in my body.

I was about to start giving myself a hard time, as usual, but stopped for a moment and thought “Why not just go for a swim?”. So I did.

Even as I drove to the pool, the loving choice I had made helped me to feel lighter, less sad, less hard, less dense.

As I started to swim, I felt those unloving choices in my body – the tiredness, the heaviness, the effort to breathe. Everything was a struggle, hard work.

I slowed down and brought the focus to my breathing and my body.

I felt my breath entering and leaving my nose, allowing myself to relax and go deeper.

I felt my hands moving through the water, brushing past my thighs, moving up and out through the cooler air and back into the warmer water.

I felt my body moving in the gentle rhythm I had chosen.

As I breathed out into the water, I felt the stillness, the quietness, the vastness of me.

As I turned my head to breathe in, I heard the sounds and saw the sights and felt the energy of the people around me. I let it all in, but did not let it disturb the stillness within me.

I continued to swim with myself, in my rhythm, breathing gently, moving in the love that I am, that we all are.

I felt how I could have continued in the struggle, forced myself to keep going, to complete a task, to fulfill an ideal of what I should be doing, to “make up for” the poor choices I had made the day before, which would in truth have hurt myself even more.

I felt the grace of just allowing myself to be, surrendering to the knowing of my body and its natural breath and natural rhythm, and how healing that was for me.

In every moment we have a choice; to treat ourselves with love, or not. That is a true treat. That is the true power of now.


This blog was first published on The Truth about Serge Benhayon

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