EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 3 Energies ain’t energies

Everything is energy.  Attributed to Albert Einstein

Oils aint oils.  Castrol GTX commercial

We all know that everything is energy – this understanding has been available to us for at least a hundred years.

Albert Einstein came to this famous understanding (E=mc2) while playing with a torch, and it has changed the course of history, from the development of nuclear power and atomic bombs to the birth of quantum physics, and the understanding that there is much more going on in the world – and inside us – than we can see with our eyes.

What this famous saying does not explore is the fact that there is energy and there is energy – that “oils ain’t oils”.

Not all energies are the same.

So, what types of energy are there?

Well, there are two:

One, prana, is the basic stuff of life – the fuel we need to keep our physical bodies going – but it is not the energy we were designed to move and express with. It is not bad, it’s just basic.

The other, fire, or love, comes from within us. It is our essence. It is the stuff we are truly made of – where our particles come from – and when it flows through us, we feel amazing.

It is a little like the difference between oils and oils.

The oil in our car lubricates all the mechanical parts, so they can move without too much force or friction. The less force, the more efficient the engine, the more power we perform with, and the longer we last.

The oil really matters – the pistons pump up and down in their cylinders, and this up-and-down energy is converted into round-and-round energy in the crankshaft and then the forward motion of the wheels, all happening over and over again, thousands of times each minute (this is what the RPM or revs are) while we drive our car.

If we use low quality oil, the engine does not work as well – the parts clog up with impurities, and the parts rub against each other, creating heat, losing power and wearing out faster, and things just do not flow so smoothly. Over time, this leads to engine problems and ultimately, the engine stops working.

If we use high quality oil, the parts glide against each other, oil flowing between them, and the explosion of petrol, spark and air is converted into up-and-down and round-and-round motion, smoothly, efficiently, powerfully. Our engine sings and our car hums along. And if we care for it in this way, it can last for a long time, in great condition.

Most of us take great care to look after our cars. We service them regularly, fill them with fuel and check the oil, water and tyre pressures. We know that if we don’t care for them, our cars will break down, and we will be going nowhere.

Do we care for our bodies in the same way?

 Do we even know how to?

The choice of energy to fuel our bodies is so important – we can choose the premium fuel – FIRE – or settle for the basic stuff – prana.

Which choice will you make with your next breath?



EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 2 Everything is Energy

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