E=mc2 is a famous equation, which Albert Einstein is said to have come to whilst playing with a torch.

What does it mean?

E stands for energy.

M means matter.

C is a constant, the speed of light (which is 300,000 kilometres per second in a vacuum), and it is squared, which means it is multiplied by itself (c x c).

So, energy and matter are in relationship, and the relationship is constant, and they are related by light.

We can play with this equation.

E/m = c x c. Energy divided by matter, gives us light multiplied by light, which is lots of light.

E/c2 = m. Energy divided by lots of light, gives us matter.

In fact, energy and matter are interchangeable – they are the same thing – but energy is vibrating at a much, much faster rate (the speed of light multiplied by itself) than matter is vibrating at – that is the only difference.

C is a big number, and changing matter into energy releases an incredible amount of energy. This line of thinking led to the development of nuclear weapons. You would think we could have come up with something a little more wonderful than that, using light, particles and energy!

The equation also tells us that matter holds an enormous amount of potential energy – we just have to learn how to understand that potential and release it.

We have been raised to think of ourselves as only physical, and of life as only physical. Sure, the physical world seems solid enough to us, and it is all that many of us know.

But, there is so much more to us, and to life.

The stuff of which we are made, these solid bodies of ours, are mainly empty space.

And in that vast space, tiny particles are whirling around, going in and out of this existence, to who knows where and back again – probably parallel universes. These particles may be tiny, but they contain an enormous amount of energy. And if we choose to increase the rate at which we vibrate, we release energy, as light.

It is all much more amazing – we are much more amazing – than we have been raised to know.

Does it matter?

Yes, because everything is energy.

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