EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 2 Everything is Energy

E=mc2 Albert Einstein

“Everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy.” Serge Benhayon

For over one hundred years, since Albert Einstein came to the understanding that energy and matter are interchangeable, and shared it with us all, we have known and said that everything is energy.

How many of us have stopped to consider what this truly means?

Everything is everything.

This means nothing is ‘nothing’ – nothing does not matter. It may not BE matter but it DOES matter.

Everything means something. Every single thing has a meaning. It leaves an imprint, it has an effect on every single other thing.

Everything we do, every move we make – a blink, a smile, a handshake – is in and with energy – it matters.

Everything we say, every sound we make – a word, a laugh, a sigh – is in and with energy – it matters.

Everything we think, every thought – be it random, idle, mean, purposeful or heartfelt – is in and with energy – it matters.

Everything everyone else does, everything everyone else says and everything everyone else thinks, matters. How we are with each other matters, what quality of energy is it in and more importantly what quality of energy is it FROM matters.

Everything matters.

Everything affects everything else.

Because everything is energy.

Is this just a scientific theory?

No, this is real life.

For example:

If we are feeling angry, we are in and with a certain energy, and that energy is in everything we do. We are more hard in the way we move ourselves and the way we move other things – slamming car doors, banging the keys on the table, pounding our feet on the floor. We know and feel when we are in this, and other people can feel it too.

But some of us are not so open and honest in our anger. We seethe quietly, and fume silently and speak softly. It may not hit us like a ton of bricks, but the energy is still anger. And it still hurts us all.

We all know this.

We just don’t want to admit we know this.

Why not?

If we admitted it, we would all have to be responsible for everything we think, everything we say and everything we do, all of the time!

Does knowing that the next thing you do, say or think will affect everything and everyone in the universe, and change the course of history for ever, make a difference to what you will choose next?

This knowledge brings enormous responsibility, but also enormous power and joy, for we have it within us to make our world the way we would like it to be, just by understanding that everything is energy.

And, if everything is energy, what is energy, and what kinds of energy are there?


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 3 Energies ain’t energies



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