Role models

Deeply beautiful article by Serryn O’Regan on what it means to be a true role model and the power of this…

Serryn O'Regan

Have you ever considered yourself as a role model?

The fact is, we all are reflecting to each other all of the time. And what we choose to reflect to each other can and often is taken up by others who copy or tailor what they are doing as a result of what they see.

We would all be able to point to people who have been role models for us throughout life. Role models do not necessarily have to be people who are older than us. They can be any age. They are people we watch and who represent something we then take on in our own lives, in one form or another. Role models can be very inspiring and we may well realise that everything we do in life that truly grows us comes from being reflected to or inspired by another.

Reflections in life allow us to…

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