A True Man – Serge Benhayon

As a woman who has suffered much at the hands of men (and given as good as she got at times!), I never thought that I would meet a true man, even though I knew in my heart what that meant and how it would look and feel if I ever stumbled upon one.

And then I met Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

When I met Serge I was a hurt, hard, bitter, middle-aged woman, struggling to raise two small kids and run a business. Life was hard, work was hard, I was hard and I had all but given up hope of finding peace and quiet, let alone joy, in life. 

Serge just met me as I was: he could see all that I had taken on and become but did not let that deter him from seeing the beauty in me. I felt the hard casing I had built around my heart crack open, and the rosebud within start to shyly unfold, as he said: “Welcome home”.

Over the years he has been there, like a rock, consistently holding me in the love that he is, while I wobbled, back and forth, in and out, to and fro, on my path of return.

He has never wavered in his love for me, and that has at times meant saying things to shake me up, to wake me up and to help me to see and feel life more clearly. He has always based our relationship on truth, but no matter what he has said, and how much it has challenged my beliefs and disturbed my comfort, it has always been said with such love that I have been able to hear it, and sometimes even act on it!

And as he has stood, steady as a rock, I have witnessed with joy his sons grow up and stand beside him, and then one by one the men in our community take their place as true men too. Men who care deeply about themselves and other people, men who are strong and tender, men who cherish themselves deeply, and in doing so, treat all others as precious too.

And held in this caring, tender love, I too have blossomed into the full flower I am now, no longer needing to hold myself hard and protected, and no longer willing or able to stand for anything less than love, in any form, for myself or for anyone else. And I have watched many other gorgeous women flower in this way, The Way of The Livingness.

All of us inspired by Serge Benhayon, the man who stands amongst us like a rock, to remind us of what a true man is, and who stands here, as we do, with our Father, God.

This post was first published on The Truth about Universal Medicine

One thought on “A True Man – Serge Benhayon

  1. I too am deeply appreciative of having met Serge Benhayon, a true man. When I first met him I was suffering from mild depression, anxiety and adrenal exhaustion. I had low self-esteem & low self worth issues and lack confidence as a woman, mother, wife and nurse/midwife. Through his amazing teachings, workshops, healings I have changed my life to now feeling more empowered, more confident as a woman; loving my role as a midwife, feeling the joy in life, instead of drudgery and wanting to give up on myself. I too am slowing blooming into a full flower thanks to The Way of the Livingness. My false wall of protection is no longer needed, as I feel the strength and power in connecting to my true essence, and instead of the hardness being what I put out for people to feel, it is now tenderness and love.


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